Congratulations, Ed Sheeran! You’ve worked so hard, for so long, to be standing where you are now; I am so proud of you.




this is beautiful


If justin bieber wasnt famous and had a tumblr he’d probably be one of those hot guys that make gifs of themselves and obnoxiously make signs like “all girlz r bootiful” with galaxies in the background

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I’M SORRY…but I had to…. ;) x


Bringing it back! :D

Reblog if you were a fan of One Direction before the Olympics, before they were on 15 Awsomest Boy bands, before Niall had a shower of cunts, before the KCA’s, before everyone knew about them, before Harry had a tattoo, before they were on Saturday Night Live. Before they were on Good Morning America, before they were played on the radio, before they were played on MTV, before Niall had straight teeth, before you could buy 1d merch in the USA, before they were on Icarly, before they remade the new video diaries, before they had, Kevin. Before baby Lux was born. Before they had 1 million followers on Twitter, before they had 1 million likes on Facebook, before their album came out, before What Makes You Beautiful came out. Before they had 500,000 followers on Twitter, before Niall had all blond hair, before they were joined as a group, before they auditioned, before Simon was born, before Paul was born, before they were born, before their mothers were born, before they’re grandparents were born. Before Jesus was born, before earth was created, before the big bang happened